Grief affects us all differently and there’s no specific way you should be feeling. But, while it’s important to give yourself time to grieve on your own terms, drawing on the support of close friends and family can make a huge difference to your outlook.

Starting that conversation is never easy. Especially when you’re struggling to put your emotions into words. So, as part of Grief Awareness week (December 2-8), Independant Age are sharing their advice and information to help you understand and express what you’re going through.

Looking after yourself  
It’s easy to neglect your own health and wellbeing when you’re grieving. If you’ve noticed changes in your sleeping or eating habits, for example, it’s important to reach out and let people know you’re struggling.

For more support on self-care, visit Independent Age’s website. Or talk to a trained bereavement counsellor through their free GriefChat service.

You can also order a copy of Independent Age’s Coping with bereavement guide to help you and your loved ones get the support you need.