It is of increased importance that all vulnerable people are registered with a GP practice in order for them to be assessed for prioritisation of the COVID-19 vaccination. However, we know that there are barriers and hesitancy amongst some people – in particular the assumption that they need to have a proof of address, or of immigration status or an NHS number. People do not need these items to register with a GP practice, and we are working with primary care to increase awareness amongst staff.

  • Everyone is entitled to register with a GP – you are welcome
  • Encourage people to register with a GP
  • There is no regulatory requirement to prove identity, address or immigration status to register at a GP surgery
  • Patients do not need to provide an NHS number
  • Practice managers need to ensure that ALL receptionists are knowledgeable about registration of patients who have no ID or address
  • NHS patient data is only used for the purposes of providing health and care. Information is not shared with others [may be useful to be specific about Home Office and DWP] without the consent of the individual patient.
  • In order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine it is really helpful if you are registered with a GP

The NHS is here to help and to keep you safe and well. Register with your local GP practice today or find out more online