On Friday, Independent Age, along with The Mercers’ Company, published Lessons from Befriending in the time of Covid-19.  Independent Age said “We are really grateful for the generous time and insight that many organisations supported by both ourselves and Mercers, to contribute to the report – and the vital work with older people of course”. Read the report, below.

Lessons from Befriending in the time of COVID-19 | Independent Age

  Independent Age are also planning a specific “twitter chat” to discuss the findings of the report at 1300-1400 on 29th June. On that day they will be sharing findings from the report and encouraging people to share their reflections and thoughts.

If you can’t join the chat, they would be keen to hear your views – just drop them an email at your convenience.

And if there are other topics of learning, from the pandemic and more generally, that you think Independent Age might be able to help bring together, please let them know!