Well, it’s finally caught us up. The dreaded Corona Virus has scattered our office support, and they are all working from home. At the same time, us volunteers have been left only able to work for our clients from the other end of a phone. Which is a bit weird, for people like me ~ I am a people-person, and prefer to see people face to face, where I believe I can better interact with someone, and who (I think) they can also read me. That said, I would always prefer to help someone than not, so with sleeves rolled up I am still raring to go, as we all are, and so upward and onward!

It is a difficult time for everyone, and for me, I feel as though I am in constant detention. Not sure why I should use that analogy never having been in detention during my school life! No ~ I was a goody goody compared with others in my peer group, the only “naughty” thing I ever did was to pour ink (as ink monitor) into an ink well that overflowed into the desk and turned another pupils white tennis kit into blue black tennis kit! I was mortified and lost my job for the rest of the term, but still no detention. My sister on the other hand, was constantly in trouble, and consequently was awarded many many detentions! I was ashamed of her, and unfortunately became used to her misbehaviour, but I suppose she too was always compared to me who was never in trouble!

That same sister actually, became the life and soul of any party she was at, and who always made whoever was with her happier. She still continued her naughtiness though when my children were small, by allowing them to have anything they wanted that had been banned by me!! Programmes that were not age appropriate, huge frilly dresses for my daughter, and lots of chocolate Easter eggs before breakfast. She once let them unroll a toilet roll and roll up in it because it was fun! They loved it. Wonder if she is one of those dreadful people who are now taking too many toilet rolls from the supermarket? Possibly!

I had a cataract operation last week, and wouldn’t you just know it ~ am unable to make the most of my new-found clear vision by being at home and in detention! Except that I can now see the keyboard to type this blog ~ wonderful!! It is fantastic how much my sight has improved, it was a real eureka moment, and as though my windows had been cleaned. Everything was so clear, but there were down-sides. I can see the dust, and a few cobwebs I had overlooked, but worse than ever, I can see my face in the mirror!! Oh dear, I can see clearly where my eyebrows need plucking, and the wrinkles leap out at me. Nothing I can do about the wrinkles though ~ my family say they are there because I am always laughing, so I will go with that.

So being in detention is enabling me to clear the dust properly, to rid the house of any lurking cobwebs, and to pluck my eyebrows. I am available at the other end of a phone, and so will still be able to help people who need a bit of support, and at the same time to let anyone having to have a cataract op not to be afraid ~ it is 15 mins of lying down, only to feel like everything is sparklingly clear afterwards. .Oh ~ and I suppose I should ring that sister and check her toilet roll storage!