Advocacy Help 

Advocates aim to help you achieve an outcome which will have a positive effect on your wellbeing. 
Advocacy simply means supporting people to speak up for themselves when there is something they want to say. Advocacy is a way of making sure a person's voice is heard when issues affect their lives. 
Advocates are skilled staff and volunteers trained to assist with everyday issues. They will not tell you what to do. 
You may need advocacy because you feel: 
No one is listening to you 
You've got important decisions to make 
You can't get the help you need 
You don't agree with decisions that are being made about you 

An advocate can help you by: 

Helping you choose a way forward 
Finding out information and who to contact 
Telling you about your rights 
Making sure your rights are being respected 
Helping you to access health and social care services 
Going to meetings and appointments with you 
Helping you to write letters and fill in forms 
Challenging decisions that you do not agree with 
Helping you make a complaint 
Independent Advocacy Perth and Kinross have produced this video as a wonderful demonstration of how advocacy can work over a wide range of issues and settings. 
Loneliness is a hazard of old age. A phone call can make a difference. 
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