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Are you finding it hard to get the right help?

Are you finding it hard to get the right help?

If you are a resident of York over the age of 50, you may feel you need an advocate because:

  • No-one is listening to you
  • You have important decisions to make and would like support
  • You can’t get the help you need
  • You don’t agree with decisions being made about you.

OCAY is here to help.

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Could advocacy help be right for you?

Advocates aim to help you achieve an outcome which will have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Advocacy simply means supporting people to speak up for themselves when there is something they want to say. Advocacy is a way of making sure a person’s voice is heard when issues affect their lives.

Advocates are skilled staff and volunteers trained to assist with everyday issues. They will not tell you what to do.

An advocate can help you by:

  • Helping you choose a way forward
  • Finding out information and who to contact

  • Telling you about your rights

  • Making sure your rights are being respected

  • Helping you to access health and social care services

  • Going to meetings and appointments with you

  • Helping you to write letters and fill in forms

  • Challenging decisions that you do not agree with

  • Helping you make a complaint.

What we are unable to help with:

Legal Advice

Debt Advice

However, we are more than happy to find an organisation that will be able to help even if we cannot.

We are happy to take referrals from other organisations or you can contact us directly. All clients have an initial meeting (currently over the phone) but usually face to face with our Lead Advocate. They chat through and agree with the client what help or support is needed, undertake a risk assessment and a questionnaire about how the client feels. They then match the client with a volunteer with experience of the issue. The volunteer works with the client for as long as is required. Our service is client-led, free and confidential.

OCAY Policies and procedures are available on request