Here we are after a few weeks of keeping our distance from those we would rather be nearer. For some of course, being well away from the rest of society is a dream come true, and for others like me the wrench of not seeing my nearest and dearest is something I would rather not be faced with. Strange really, because I was an Army wife for 30 years, which meant my relatives were never close at hand. I managed to stand on my own 2 feet through all sorts of goings-on ~ having babies, moving every 2 years, child care, and the inevitable leaving friends who were all feeling the same way.

I did get on with it, and got on well enough, but that was really because I had no alternative, and we don’t have an alternative now whilst this virus is floating around. Except the fact that I am TOLD I can’t do what I really want to do, hits me harder!! To be honest, I don’t like being TOLD what to do!! I never have. My family, and especially my husband, can testify to that on a large scale, my constant “stop telling me what to do” ringing in their ears for the past decades. At least now I can empathise with the people I help as a volunteer advocate who do NOT want to be told what to do and when, but need their options explained to them, and for them to chose which path to take. A lesson my husband might like to try! Wishful thinking? More than likely, as he spent 30 years in the Army telling others what to do, when, and where, but perhaps he finds it difficult to cajole. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, as I AM an advocate after all. And if I could find a smiley emoji to insert here I would, but my brain is scrambling, what with IT not being something I excel at.

An upside of the lock-down of course is, I have not spent as much dosh as usual, not being able to use the shops, but I suppose I might have spent more if only I could use the wretched Amazon. Well, I did use it. I ordered my husbands birthday present, after my last attempt sometime last year which was a comedy sketch. Various attempts to place the order, only to find I had 4 of the items in the “basket”, and trying to get it to only 1, left me with another item lodged in the same basket, making 5!! Husband had to be asked to please show me what to do, which he did with a smile on his face. Ok then, a smirk!

This time, I was determined to do it myself, so chose the said item (easy), and attempted to go to the cash-out. Carefully I placed my item in the basket, and low and behold, I was shown my details already on the page, including credit card details and address etc ~ by this time I was sweating in case I made an almighty error as before, and so pressed the continue button. What do you think? A message popped up telling me my order had been dispatched!! Magic! Arrived in 3 days. My goodness this is easy, and so if we have any clients who wish to know how to shop online,I am the go-to advocate of choice. Well, perhaps not of choice, let’s be realistic, but I am an ace at other things. Honest!

So, as for Social Distancing, I do prefer to distance myself from IT but not from people, thank goodness, but be assured I am not as bad as I make out. I get by reasonably well, and if I have a blip, the people in the office are only too pleased to help me out. As for home life, I think I will distance myself from it as the virus allows, and I cannot wait. I cannot wait to be told what to do in this case, and leave the house to see ANYONE!!

Keep safe.

Vocal Volunteer