Why on earth have I titled this blog HAPPY?   Especially as this very morning I have been anything BUT happy.  To explain,  ~  last night I heard on the News that we are now to be meeting only 6 persons at a time.  Did Boris not understand that a family get-together had been planned at my home, and meaning that now these 12 people who were about to plan their journey are going to have to cancel bookings and train tickets?  12 very unhappy people, as it was to be a long-awaited gathering full of our old memories, and old photos, and funnily enough (I know) was looked forward to!  So if I say a black cloud is hanging over me, I would not be exaggerating!

As usual, a coffee and biscuit lifted my spirits, and I have now had a word with myself, (quite a strong word) am now more accepting, and am in the process of re arranging the “do”.   Give me 5 more minutes and I will be back to normal.


Whilst I was talking to myself, I remembered my nieces large wedding that had to be postponed from August, and is about to be late December, but who knows if and when that will occur, and at the same time her house build stagnated for months, but has now progressed to having a roof!!  So my little hiccup was nothing, was it, and much better than being on a ventilator.


Lots of things make us happy don’t they, and until we sit and really think about them, they can run away from us.  For me, arriving at Kings Cross Station ahead of a visit to London makes me REALLY REALLY happy,~ the train LEAVING London makes my husband equally happy.  I love the leaves turning brown at the start of Autumn, and if I HAVE to go for a walk, nothing better than walking through Autumn leaves.  A grand child’s hand slipping into yours is delightful, as is that painful knee somehow easing.  Gosh I am feeling  much happier now.  Yes, most of the time I am happy with one thing or another, and remembering them now has lifted my spirits.  Love the sound of the orchestra tuning their instruments as I arrive at the theatre, and I love it when I get good feedback from a client I have helped with Advocacy.  That one gives me a lot of pleasure, and satisfaction, as I take the work seriously, and it’s the best feeling when a problem gets solved.  For both parties.


Sometimes, the problems that our clients have, seem much better when shared, and to have a much needed helping hand working with you, and for you, is the lift that a client needs.  Being a good listener helps enormously, and for me, seeing a clients shoulders lift as their problem is shared, is one of those gems that keep me Advocating.

I would be very interested in hearing of anyone else’s  “Happy” thoughts.  Just email OCAY if you wish to share, subject Vocal Volunteer.  Or give us a call, and a message will be passed to me.  Even if the happy thought is that I have nearly finished this blog!!!!  But with my thanks to you for being a good listener (reader) too.


There, I am healed.  I am looking forward,  I am not on a ventilator, and I get pleasure from people.  No more to be said I think!  Sighs of relief all round!!