Volunteering amidst a pandemic!

Well, the virus that is Covid 19 is certainly volunteering, and seems intent on seeing as many people as it can.  We have all been under the pressure of it, and I very sincerely hope you all come out of this as soon as possible and see the sunshine again before long. THIS Vocal Volunteer is wishing you all well and looking forward to a more “normal” way of life.

Funny how we all seemed to get used to some of the terminology that is bandied about on a regular basis ~ I always thought BUBBLES were made in the bath, or blown through a little plastic hoop, but here I am in the middle of one!! Weird.

I somehow became quite proud of a TIER I was in, as I spoke to friends who were in one higher than mine. How I gloated!!  Not like me at all to gloat, but I did.  And felt self-satisfied, as though it were a competition ~ I have got over it now.  ZOOM MEETINGS have been hit and miss, but on the whole are a way of getting the work completed. Hate them myself, and find I am putting on the perfume when one is due!  Anyone else do that?  No, thought not. At least it has been a good way of looking at my family, whilst having a laugh with them, and downing the odd G and T as we natter.

The training for volunteers on ZOOM has been so helpful, and the “socials” and support groups, including quizzes have kept the thoughts of the virus at bay for us all. Funny time to join a charity during a pandemic, but that proves how many people are willing to work and help others, and that includes the staff who help us all.

Being ISOLATED in a LOCK-DOWN, whilst remembering to SOCIAL DISTANCE, has a whiff of prison, which to a lot of people is a very real feeling, whilst for others they have felt that life has slowed down for the better.  All of us with differing experiences, but if anyone is interested, I for one cannot wait to meet people again, help our clients and do what I can but face to face, and not on the phone.  Whilst the phone is better than nothing, nothing beats looking at someone, and connecting personally, so for the time being I will just have to shut up and get on that phone!

Actually, OCAY has been doing a great job in challenging times, so hats off to all the Volunteers including advocates, friends, fundraisers and trustees, and a special THANK YOU to 3 staff who have done a fantastic job, with no office facilities, and working from home.  The waiting list is very low, those advocates have been beavering away, and morale is still high.

Please join us if you have the same wish to help ~ it may be the best thing you do, and if not, remember there WILL be life as we knew it after all this upheaval is over.  I need to get out more ~ I am rambling again!!

Vocal Volunteer