Covid related again on this blog I fear, but somehow this scheming, manipulating virus is still lurking, even though it seems to be going through many disguises and fancy-dressing along its chosen path. It will wear itself out no doubt, and the sooner the better, but in its wake it has left a few laughs and happy moments, too that I am sure it never set out to do.

Zoom meetings themselves are full of highlights which I am convinced have been sent to raise my blood pressure, but with the added bonus of a few belly-laughs too. Myself at first trying and mostly failing to connect with fellow volunteers who all seem to manage better than I do, as I realise they have been watching me fumble with IT whilst I have been on mute, and frantically looking as though I know exactly what I am doing.  Hopefully, they may be unaware who it is trying to “connect”, as my lighting is woefully inadequate, but glitches that come with all this inform them that it is indeed myself. That, and my name on the screen! I own up. I am inadequate with keyboards that have a screen attached!

To Room 101 then, and the reason I started to pen this blog.  Bear with me.

Early on, my family all decided that we would get together on zoom and have a fun time (?). Part way through we added our list of 3 things we would put into Room 101, and although at the time I would have HAPPILY put my laptop in there, I did not add it to my list. (My list got going a bit later than expected due to my fumbling to “connect”). Again, I am amazed at how patient my grandchildren are as they calmly talk me through the intricacies of connecting to my own family…on a screen, and in a way that I never ever thought I would be doing. Think the laughing on my part was contagious, because I could see them holding their tummies as they laughed loudly ~ or were they crying? Or sniggering?  They are the first ones to point out the difference between emojis and bitmojis on my mobile and I am grateful for that, as I now have a range of images to choose from should I wish to share my inner thoughts with the world.  Did you know that emojis are the fastest growing language in the UK?  Neither did I.

Room 101 then.

1st choice.

DUST.  It’s never wanted, but always there, taking pride of place on all available surfaces without being asked, and skulking in corners it was never meant to be in.

There it lies, smugly knowing it has no purpose in the house, and aware of all the yellow dusters I have to wash when I have better things to do. Like helping clients.  Nasty dust!  Into Room 101 with you, you will never get out!

2nd choice.

IRONING.  I used to iron ~ a lot ~ I even ironed dish cloths at one time, but I cannot tell you why!   I was obsessed I think, with everything in the home looking clean and sparkling, and heaven forbid if I had clothes with a crease in them.  Something lacking there I think, and now that I am older and wiser, I can relax and forget where the iron lives. However, that niggling feeling I have still lingers when I am folding undies to put straight into the drawer, and so I choose to put ironing into Room 101 for the reason that it still tries to remind me I am lazy.

3rd choice.

Covid itself. It has to be in there for all our sakes, the carnage left in its wake is there for all to see, and I and everyone else is desperate to see the back of it disappearing into that room numbered 101.

You notice I didn’t put IT in there although I was so very tempted, I feel I have come to terms with the fact that I can at least get by, and I begrudgingly accept that it does have its place in my life. Albeit not as prominent as people are, but it does answer a lot of my questions, allows me to converse with grandchildren (even if they laugh with me) and importantly helps me to be a volunteer advocate.  All I can say there is, thank you to the office staff!!!

I still don’t know how to ‘copy and paste’, but not because I can’t grasp the concept, it’s because I don’t want to!! My family are ALL used to hearing me shout “stop telling me what to do”, (even if it IS to follow instructions on a package) and up to now, having IT works for me. Well…. up to a point!

Room 101 locked up, and key thrown away.

Vocal Volunteer.