Healthwatch York want to hear from people with lived experience, the experts on living with dementia.

They are creating a report exploring how support after a dementia diagnosis is experienced in York and what needs improvement

Healthwatch want to produce a report that helps others living with dementia in York through the listening and sharing of your knowledge and experiences. Your feedback will also help in the creation of a Dementia Strategy for York which is being developed in 2021.

All feedback is anonymised, and any identifiable information is removed from this report. Healthwatch may use quotes from your stories, where you have consented to this.

Click here for more information and how to get involved

Click here for the online survey for carers

Click here for the online survey for people living with dementia

Please get in touch with Healthwatch if you would like them to post you paper copies of the surveys.

If you don’t want to use the survey, you can also email them, write to them or call them on the telephone to tell them about your experiences.

Click here for Healthwatch contact details