You are cordially invited to the: OCAY ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING -  OLDER CITIZENS ADVOCACY YORK -   Thursday 23rd September 10:30 for coffee and an 11:00 start either in person or on Zoom Please come and hear our guest Speaker: Sir Alistair Graham, Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, 2004-2007.   Please use the Eventbrite link below to book your [...]

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Vocal Volunteer Blog – Room 101!


Covid related again on this blog I fear, but somehow this scheming, manipulating virus is still lurking, even though it seems to be going through many disguises and fancy-dressing along its chosen path. It will wear itself out no doubt, and the sooner the better, but in its wake it has left a few laughs [...]

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Vocal Volunteer – Volunteering Amidst a Pandemic!


Volunteering amidst a pandemic! Well, the virus that is Covid 19 is certainly volunteering, and seems intent on seeing as many people as it can.  We have all been under the pressure of it, and I very sincerely hope you all come out of this as soon as possible and see the sunshine again before [...]

Vocal Volunteer – Volunteering Amidst a Pandemic!2021-03-31T10:13:42+01:00

Vocal Volunteer – Happy


Why on earth have I titled this blog HAPPY?   Especially as this very morning I have been anything BUT happy.  To explain,  ~  last night I heard on the News that we are now to be meeting only 6 persons at a time.  Did Boris not understand that a family get-together had been planned at [...]

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Vocal volunteer – Ageism


There are all sorts of isms that people get irate about aren’t there, and by golly, irate IS how they get, myself included sometimes. In my earlier, younger, ~ ok then MUCH younger days it was feminism. Heaven forbid I would burn my bra like some well known women were doing ~ not really [...]

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Vocal volunteer – March 2020


Well, it’s finally caught us up. The dreaded Corona Virus has scattered our office support, and they are all working from home. At the same time, us volunteers have been left only able to work for our clients from the other end of a phone. Which is a bit weird, for people like me [...]

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Vocal volunteer – New Year 2020


Well, another New Year celebration has been and gone, and I sincerely hope that 2020 is as good as you wish it to be for yourselves, your family and friends. It was lovely for myself and husband, as we spent it with friends of 30 years in their home in Chipping Sodbury. LOVELY, she [...]

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